I am now able to offer garages, workshops and privet owners, on-site training in the repair and setup and tuning of Bosch MFI pumps and the associated induction system. 

My fee for this service is a day rate of £1450.00 

If required travel costs, accommodation and other disbursement are charged in addition.

Training includes a slide presentation by the author illustrating the history and working of the MFI system, 

A slide presentation and talk covering the strip down and re-assembly of Bosch PED 6 KL pump types covering 2.0E, 2.0S, 2.2E, 2.2S, 2.4E, 2.4S, 2.4T and 2.7RS Porsche cars 

Workshop advise on car setup and tuning.

Q and A

For booking and more information of tutorials please contact me by email. mjb@911mfi.com

*Please note the training is an AV presentation by the author and does not entail the restoration of your pump or tuning of your car. Due to the time, parts and equipment needed I am not able to restore your pump during the presentation.