Below is some of the feedback I have received from all over the world.

Thank you all for your kind support. Michael J Burgess

This is a must-have for every Porsche mechanic, professional or otherwise.


I received your book the other day. I have been reading it with great interest.
I think it is terrific. I did have some information from Bosch publications and other sources, but nothing that compares to your book in terms of detail and clear information.
I have quite a few pumps. Now I feel confident to take them apart, when necessary.

I just received your book and just wanted to say thank you very much and add a few comments.
I ordered the book to get a deeper understanding of how the system works, not because I plan to rebuild the pump on my 70S myself. But after one week of reading, I now think differently and would really like to do this job myself one day. I think that is a very nice compliment to your work!
For years I have been one of the many enthusiasts struggling with finding useful MFI literature. Now I look forward to the coming books in your series.
1970 911S

BLIMEY! Burgess does a commendable job of outlining the various procedures for the home mechanic. His writing style is also non-patronising and easy to digest. Undeniably comprehensive.

Congrats and glad to see someone doing something with injection pumps. For years we have been afraid that once the old guys doing it now stop working that no one would step up to take over.

Very good documentation, very well done. I'm glad to see someone with the time and no how to produce a very good do-it-yourself MFI rebuild book.

There is lots of great information on this site on MFI. Looks like a great book and a must read anyone doing serious work on MFI.......

Great work. I run carburettors, but it nice to know that I need not fear a move to Mech FI in the future! 
69 911S/T (interpretation)

Wow, nicely done!
73 Carrera RS

Great contribution to the MFI community. 
1993 Grand Prix White C2 Coupe

This do-it-yourself, step-by-step guide shows you how to rebuild and recalibrate a PED 6 KL mechanical fuel injection pump at home. The author thoroughly describes all steps in overhauling and testing pumps for the 2.0, 2.2, 2.4 and 2.7-liter engines in 911T, 911E and 911S. Describes the entire process, including how to build and use your own simple test rig. Includes all calibration data for the above pumps. Well illustrated, with over 300 clear, detailed photographs of every step. Essential for restorers. Spiral bound, 8x12 inches, 160 pages.

Regarding the new book recently out by Michael Burgess; My book arrived today and I've quickly gone thru it cover to cover. In a word it is very good. It is 159 pages of literally step by step total disassembly down to a bare casting and then reassembly. It's well organized and each step is pictured. There are also instructions for making some basic tools and even detailed plans on how he made his own flow test bench. Now not everyone is going to go that far, and Gus Pfsisters job is not in jeopardy! But you can feel confident in doing some minor repairs such as seal replacement, or at least know what will happen when you start taking screws out!! You will certainly have a better feel for how it all works! 

Congratulations on a wonderful and necessary MFI book. Its is a fine work in 160 pages and spiral bound so it lies flat on the bench. Every MFI owner should have this work (even if you never intend to be inside your MFI pump) as an addition to your CMA Manual and pages SF11 - SF41 in the 911 Workshop Manual

Grady Clay., Racer and Pelican forum contributor

Early 911 DIY enthusiasts can breathe a little easier now that Total 911 reader Michael J Burgess has published a book on the repair and calibration of the PED 6 KL mechanical fuel injection system. The 160-page, A4 spiral-bound book covers not only pump repair, but also building a home test rig and the process to calibrate the pump to factory settings. It features over 300 photos and is aimed directly at the home mechanic.

DIY Step-by-Step guide. The title of the book says it all.... Extraordinarily detailed.