You can contact the Author with any questions or to enquire about commissioning a pump repair and restoration by emailing him at:


Michael J Burgess Esq

I have been restoring cars for over thirty years now. I started with Morris 1000's where I met my wife Jayne. I have built several Concours winning and Elite level cars including a number of Aston Martin's where my interest in mechanical fuel injection started, having restored two Aston Martin DBS V8's.

My current 911 seen below was an abandoned project having been partly converted to Turbo spec. Many of the panels and parts were missing so I decided to build an ST replica. 

The injection pump was seized as were the throttle bodies, so I went about restoring them. Having found there to be a lack of good information available I decided I would use the experience I have gained on my DBS's and other early 911's to help other owners finding the same problems.

My LHD 1970 911 ST replica

My 1972 Aston Martin DBS V8